On Writing and Community Discussion

These people are passionate.  Listen:

Once you find your voice, you will just do it. You should have about 15 drafts in process.   Keep all you blogs tabbed and put the complete idea in.  Do the complete brain dump because when you look at it six month hence all the memory triggers will be there. 

Want discussion?   Never say “On the other hand…”  (Well I’m not normally one-handed it but I do say “At the same time…”)   It doesn’t invite discussion.  Launch open questions.

Question:  What about video blogging vs text blogging?    Can you skim and scan without text?   

We’re into the big takehomes now:  human interface, building communities, writing, authors, blogs as online CVs and an amazing discussion of disabled users of the Internet, who according to some constitute 25% of all users of the Internet!    Accessibility:  Deaf Mom is blogging about her four deaf kids who live in a world of iTunes.  Use that freely available screen reader – eg Firebox – to make sure it’s available to deaf people.

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