What bloggers need to know about copyrighting

Aaron Hockley, one of the organizers, announced the next sessions and voilà copywriting, the only topic I still need to mention on the remaining unwritten page of the PHLUSH website plan.   I wish Michael or Hanna were here so we could work together, but maybe they are too young to get up so early.  Lots of over 40s here.

You can’t copywright an idea.  Only “originals works” in tangible form.  Everything you create is automaticly copyrighted.  

Trademarks: for logo and company names.  A registered thing and it comes into play legally.  You have to defend your claim to the trademark.    In fact,you have to actively defend a trademark but not a copyright.

For copyrights, registration is the big jump.  You can now register on line.  Without registration you can only sue for actual damages.  With you can sue for more.   

You could export all your blog posts.  For photos you register low res or thumbnails: needs to “be recognizable”.

$35 to register on copyright.gov  Three years to register. AND of someone infringes you can go back and register if within the three year period.

Now about Fair Use.  Law says “purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research…”   100% clear NOT   The idea is play nice with others.  Give them credit.  Someone said it’s about what it is , who it’s from, the context and what you’re using it for.   Jo Blows using it for their own blogs get by.

Don’t hot link.  If you have permission, take photo onto your site rather than using other guys bandwidth.  Aaron solved the problem when people didn’t respond to polite request by posting photo saying “This was stolen from ____ and his website.”

Creative Commons Licensing   Very clear choice of rules.   You don’t have to give p your copyright but you have the options of letting other people have free license with a set of conditions.

Creative Commons Use   All of Aaron’s stuff on flickr are under creative commons license.  If you use it today within the conditions of the license and then he changes license type, that would still be okay. 

Infringement    If you do it you can learn time and money. DMCA Digital Millenium  Copyright Act.   You don;t need a prescription or a lawyer.   Use language here when people infringe.  If no compliance, contact web hosting agency.  domaintools.com will tell you the service.   

http;/twurl.cc/54q   for Aaron’s blog

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