Live from WhereCampPDX

At souk over coffee and almond marsipan flaky pastry a WhereCapmPdx unconference is getting underway.

Choices for 10 am include virtual geocashing, why location-based apps suck and “Illuminating the Dark Geoweb”.

I’m sitting on a plushy rug and Brian is telling what’s wrong with existing location-based apps. A little bitch session – an okay approach to needs assessment, I guess. For starters, he’s beating up chizow, on his own software.

Folks agree to keep an eye on Galileo, the EU answer to GPS that was started with a bunch of Alcatel types and is now public. Now discussing how accuracy can be withdrawn in times of war and competition from the Russian GLONASS.

Get this distinction!:
Accuracy: Is it right or not?
Precision: How many decimal points?

The art of of what accuracy is changing as fast as customer demand for speed.  [Indeed.  Nigel Calder is so right.]

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