Using dumb cell phones?

Using dumb cell phones for location? What are the possibilities?

Anything low tech intrigues me. This session grew out of the morning one on disaster relief. That session also spouted a geek-geo-disaster relief triad of skills and people attached to them. Or at least that’s what Jeremy O’Leary told me. He’s the founder of EcoGeeks Network and does peak oil and permaculture and emergency response. In any event he mentioned that there will be a meeting next Wednesday, when I’ll be far away.

Anyway, the guy who’s interested in pushing the boundaries on low tech cell phones got evacuated from his house during a recent California fire and wanted to look at the possibilities for communicating and locating people in emergencies. He actually knows exactly how cell phone technology works so this was not in the void. We threw out some scenarios and thought about what might work. I wonder what Grameem phone does with flood warnings. Something I bet. Another person there had used phone techologies in Darfur but was mostly a geocacher. Geochaching is letter boxing on steriods. Lots of variations.

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