PHLUSH launches Neighborhood Hospitality Campaign

We PHLUSHers HATE those window signs that proclaim “No Public Restrooms”.  They give our business district such a hostile face.  Plus they’re also inaccurate because we DO have toilets that are open to the public (and tomorrow we’re getting another one).  

Sooooooooo, with the help of SOLV, PHLUSH has produced Restroom Locator Cards with the addresses and opening hours of facilities: Welcome to Old Town Chinatown, where you’ll find these restrooms. Yesterday we handed out a few to retailers. The response was great! Some of them walked straight to their front doors and posted them!   

We’re now looking for a designer to come up with an attractive, welcoming window sign and for funding to produce it. Time to get rid of the “mean streets look”. After all, Old Town Chinatown is the Heart of Portland, with a 150-year old tradition of hospitality.  Let’s remember that.


One response to “PHLUSH launches Neighborhood Hospitality Campaign

  1. Just add all of the restrooms that open themselves to the public on and add the ratings. Finding a public access toilet is one thing; finding a clean one is an art.

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