Weekend extras

Does Guam lead restroom availability in the US?:    In this fairly comprehensive interview with Guan talk show host Travis Coffman, David King discusses restroom availability in the US and the work of the American Restroom Association.   Guam appears to be a hot bed of public restroom awareness.  Coffman also interviews Guam Parks chief Joe Duenas on toilet upgrades to meet the discriminating standards of Japanese tourists and Ray Gibson and Monty McDowell of Advance Management Inc whose public restroom cleaners will also provide tourist information.   The Guam press recently reported on the installation of the island’s 250th waterless urinal and the owner of a restaurant who offers free use of restrooms because it’s tourist friendly and good for business.

Recycling Plastic Bottles into Bikes.  Check out these stunning photos of the prize-winning work by a bunch of kids at Appalachain State.  Check out their progress from their first scrappy video to the portfolio of their new firm, 2one2 Design.  These guys rock!

Sotomayor on eminent domain.  Conservatives still reeling from a 2005 Supreme Courts  ruling in favor of eminent domain will have some hard questions for nominee Sonia Sotomayor.  Elana Schor’s well documented wonky piece appears both in Streetblog  and Greater Greater Washington

A sociolinguistic look at reports of car and motorcycle mishaps.    Have you noticed that reports of car accidents often refer to the car, rather than the driver, as the actor?   As for reports of motorcycle accidents, they usually refer the driver, rather than the vehicle.    Says blogger David Alpert,  No news story ever began saying, “A person was killed yesterday when he collided with a bullet moving at high speed in the opposite direction.” Yet that’s exactly how news stories about traffic “accidents” often begin.  For cars, that is.

Portland’s Daybreak co-housing seeks members  Shared balcony walkways, kids’ playroom, communal dining room, commercial kitchen.  The multi-generational Daybreak community  is looking for members . Visit st 2525 North Killingsworth St, Portland, on Saturday, June 6 from 1–4PM. 

 Book Review:  Streetblog reviews Jeff Mapes’ Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities.  

Tank Art:  Another reason besides gay marriage to go to Iowa.  


The Daybreak development is actively seeking members and will hold a public tour at the Daybreak site, at 2525 North Killingsworth Street, on Saturday, June 6 from 1–4PM. Other socials and tours will be held throughout the summer including on-site tours on July 5 and August 2.

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