For Annie

A rare Internet stream of mails from those who love you found us in the wilderness. You were in pain, surrounded by Ginger and Jimi and Elisabeth. Broad calm horizons surrounded me as we motored, sometimes sailed, south from Alaska. I balanced my pain at your pain with gratitude to you for all the joy and encouragement and self confidence you brought into my life.

ab_salmon_finalI spent several days just leaning against mast, letting the recollections become more vivid. Hilarious storytelling with Laurie, sitting on the floor, getting through the cold Marrakesh winter. The color of the wildflowers on Jebel Yagour: our mules delivered us to the top, we made fresh, clean grass beds in the stone sheep-herders huts. Your unwavering vision: Watching your business grow so amazingly was inspiring. The postcard of you striding out in that orange jacket was on the wall above my desk. Our reunions always restored me, especially when Mom and Dad got old and I had just a bit of time to stop in the city and see you. I bet I’m not the only one trying to adopt your creative-positive-can-do attitude. But moving ahead without you will be tough.

“By the rivers of Babylon, we sat down and wept, remembering thee.” When news that you’d finished your passage came, I was still at sea. The calm beautiful waters were my handkerchief, an ever-changing textile. You would have loved the hues and textures! The billowy chiffons, the far out prints, the easy pleats, the sparkles and sequins. Here are a few of my favorites. From our passage, from your passage.











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  1. Carol,
    Your writing for and about our dear Annie B is wonderful. You have given me insight into your long history together with her in Marrakesh. Your lives were meshed together way before I ever met AB. Thank you for letting us in on your friendship. And your water photos are splendid. Yes, she would have loved the colors and textures. Beautiful.

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