VII Solstice


We still know almost nothing about SARS-Cov-2 and its infective pathways. Following the science has been exhausting.  So much WHO stuff questioned.  Social distancing at 2 m. or 6 ft ?  That is based on studies WHO did in the 1930.

One of the silver linings of COVID-19 is free access to the most important news agencies commenting on COVID-19.

This is our first June in the PNW of the lower 48. Tomorrow is solstice. Calling me.

June 10 – Bucking my sense of normal Nature.

What is that confab out on the spit?   Something is going on pretty far out on the spit.  River otters frolicking?  I grab the binocs and look out through the 5:30 am light.  It’s three bucks with pretty well branched racks. What can they possibly be doing there?  As good a place as any for a morning stroll.  I have to be in the mood as the rocks are uncomfortable under foot.  Probably easier for deer. But there’s nothing for them to eat, is there? Do they munch seaweed?

Thursday, June 11 – Adding day to date.

I’m adding the day to the date. People joke about not knowing which day it is.  I don’t mix as much now and most Zoom meetings have failed to fall into a pattern. Exceptions are the County Commission with Dr. Locke, City Council etc.  Trying for weekends different and special.  Thursday is the day you figure out where you are and make that Friday list.

Friday, June 12 – A glut of mixed messages

I keep rolling mists at myself. Mostly as I forget something obvious in a program I’m using. But also out of respect for a writer who hits the nail on the head. At least once. It’s not easy to write about this time. Fris Ahmed is digging in and makes sense.

(And my intentions, my meaning of the above now escapes me entirely. I should be writing about so much happening on the streets, blacks getting killed with such regularity, new voices and ways of looking at things. And income inequality.  But I’m overwhelmed. I wish I could spend my day reading Hakai Magazine.)

Every day I feel more and more like a stupid, ugly American. Who me? Yes, you.

Saturday, June 13 – Farmers Market in the Rain

Make that times 3. Not so nice for regular shoppers but pretty shitty for folks who spend Friday nights harvesting, washing, bundling or bagging or crating, and carrying it to the truck.  So you can drive to town in the early am,  put up your tented stand, and set out the goods. While wondering if wifi is going to hold up do your Square can take my credit card.

Until the Great Pan (demic) joined us,  \vendors only took cash or wooden coins,  Credit cards are their new third option. It’s a touchess credit card transaction on a handy device at a cost that is no longer burdensome.  Still I like waiting in line at the Jefferson County Farmers Markets booth to say hello to Amy and Amanda and buy some wooden tokens with my credit cards so can my week’s produce, eggs and cheese.  In the same line are people picking up double allotment tickets.

Yes, the traditional markets do a good job.The Jefferson County Farmers Market is with it and entrepreneurial.

Sunday, June 14 – A Sunday Sunday

We can all enjoy this summer safely but we need to protect our Province by continuing to show kindness, compassion and respect. What you do today makes a difference today and it makes a difference tomorrow. So let’s please continue to be kind, to be calm and to be safe.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia.

Monday, June 15 – Rain!

SCOTUS accords GLBTQ+ folks their rights under the Civil Right Act of 1964.  After 57 tears, Gorsuch writes the majority opinion. 6-3.

Tuesday, June 16 – SARS-CoV-2 hits my desk

I struggle over this article and the documents it leads me to. LINK  Peer reviewed? I don’t think so.

Download RBG from the Rose Theatre.  I have five days to finish it.  Relaxing behind a screen not my idea of fun.  Need the black box of the wonderful Rose.

Wednesday, June 17 – News

News (out there) Trump’s Barr trying to stop John Bolton’s already printed and half-reviewed 500 page book.

News (right here)  Tracking stuff on iNaturalist. Watching Bonnie Henry. Making posters for the back fence..

Thursday, June 18 – Fluid dynamics and Toilet Plumes

Slogging away on the science  informing the toilet rules.   The article form Tuesday gets quoted over and over and over. Suddenly everybody is talking fluid dynamics and toilet plumes.

Juneteenth – Mostly white PT is woking up

Black Lives Matter mural from the door of the American Legion past city hall.  For the rally there are people from the kids jungle gym in Pope Marine Park all the way Quincy Street.  More lining the dock. Some even in boats. Organizers are all BIPON and they’ve pulled this off in four days!  Every since showing up at Monday evening City Council meeting and surprising everybody.  A remarkable display of democracy and mobilization all around.  A proud moment.  And everybody wearing masks.

Tomorrow is solstice. From whence the nights get longer and the days shorter. Feel robbed after the abundance of Alaskan summer slight. Northbound other years, spring all the way. The trees get taller and taller. Ravens supplant crows. Coming back home southbound along the Inside Passage, the length of the day drops precipitously.

Can I handle it the intensity of the reversal?  The sun now rises at the north of our largest east facing window. In six months it will blind me from the south. After I get back from yoga if there is yoga, or from the gym I may not be brave enough to visit should it open. Then again the only time will be in the darkness of 5:30 am.  That’s when Jack keeps going even in March. Cleanest air and touch points.

Saturday, June 20 – Young bucks out on the spit again.

Two of them this time.  I wonder if they are just playing with the gulls.  When you walk to the end of the spit – it ends except during minus tides when you can just keep going – the gulls on hanging out half in and half our of the water, take off. The deep flutter of hundreds of wings, the ruffled air, the coordinated wing-to-wing work engage the senses. If you walk back the other way, the flock rises again and flies to the outward end of the spit. Yes, I think that’s what our friendly, weekly neighborhood deer seem to be doing.

With my coffee I finish RBG. On day five.  What an extraordinary woman!  As good on SCOTUS as RadioLab’s podcast More Perfect..

Reading about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre is arresting.  I try not to be distracted by the links.  The links make it not “Opinion” but raw history.  Going to follow Brent Staples.

Oh, and crowds are camped out around Tulsa’s BOK stadium waiting for the Trump rally.  More later.

Nothing more relaxing than being among Bonnie Hanry fans. Proud member of the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fan Club here. I love Courtenay – it has fossil beds from which some really strange large creatures have been unearthed. And I love Bonnie Henry.

Sunday, June 21- Big Slog

Big slog to finish paper on SARS-CoV2 transmission routes and what they have to say about reopening restrooms in a pandemic.  In over my head but the science is fascinating.

Monday, June 22 – How do I format a bibliography?

It wasn’t that long ago that I taught English to aspiring PhDs but everything has changed. Going way back, I wonder how we survived card catalogues, stacks of three by five cards with rubber bands around them, and copy making using those thin carbon sheets.  How did we manage? #early #resilience #development

Tuesday, June 23 – Embeddings

After reviews by Poonam and Hayley and tight editing by Abby, I hit send on my paper on opening restrooms and coronavirus and moved onto Morning Light.

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