XV – December

December 17 – 3,600 people in the US died today

The nation set single-day records on Wednesday for reported deaths, with more than 3,600, and for newly reported cases, more than 245,000. The previous case record was set last Friday, when more than 236,800 new infections were announced, not including tens of thousands of significantly older cases reported that day.

December 16 – Universal Values

Maryn Boess’ daily goodie was on universal values, something you state at the top of your “change map.”  To find your organization’s North Star, start by answering questions like this.

Every child deserves…..
No one should ever…
As a society it’s our responsibility to…
In an ideal world…..

December 15 –  Vision Bridging

Maryn’s glass is full – always – and so is her plate.  She’s a shot in the arm. Today she talked about building Vision Bridges.

https://twitter.com/RegSprecher/status/1327612253080670210 The german ad.

December 14 – Shinrin-yoku

Great campaign to provide care and well-being for essential health workers. For your donation of $25 a physician or nurse in British Columbia will be taken forest bathing by a certified guide.

The Guardian looks at the benefits of  practicing shinrin-yoku – literally, ‘forest bath’.   According to one expert, it has” the power to counter illnesses including cancer, strokes, gastric ulcers, depression, anxiety and stress…[and] boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and aids sleep. The BC Parks Foundation breaks out benefits for adults, kids and the planet and Healthy by Nature provides a reading list.

Shinrin-Yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un2yBgIAxYs Suzanne Simard

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